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The "draft," or "promaha" in Bosnian, is the wind that blows through your house when two windows are open on opposite sides of the room. Some say that such a breeze, should it tangle with your hair, blow over bare feet or brush across your skin, is sure to make you ill. Any number of possible maladies are inevitable should you go out with damp hair, or let the draft come through the window and fall upon you. During the siege of Sarajevo in the early 1990's there was no heat in the buildings and the constant mortar bombardment shook all the glass from the window frames. Despite the plastic or wood boards used to cover these empty frames, the draft had free reign through the city. Thus, the House of Drafts is vulnerable to the gifts and the dangers carried by the wind.

There are eight residents in our House of Drafts. Click on a window to enter any one of their rooms. You may also choose to enter our one empty room, what we have chosen to call "the ghost room." It is here that you too can leave your own markings on the walls. Send us images or texts that respond somehow to the notion of an ever-changing House of Drafts.