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Tue Feb 26 00:00:09 2002 from
Diana Ford

The aeroplane lands. 45 minutes later I am at home. A rush of anxiety takes over as I am making my way to the front door. Instictly I open the door and rush past the hallway and kitchen and slide the backyard door open. 'Di, 'stava tichenye' mum utters, translation 'dom promaha'. I type the URL memories resurface! I am deeply moved as I navigate this site..

Thu Mar 14 12:13:51 2002 from
Fritzie Brown

How lovely to see the hills of a peaceful Sarajevo. Everyone did such terrific work on this. Congratulations and thank you to all who built this site. p.s. I wonder about the technology that transfered the site to video...and will be giving Lynn a call soon. Love, Fritzie

Thu Mar 21 21:50:58 2002 from
Steve Street

"Enjoy" is not really the right word, but I learned a lot from my tour through this house and felt a good bit, too. Nice work on an interesting project, folks.

Mon Apr 1 22:00:11 2002 from
Paul Rutkovsky

The water, the sun, the clouds, the rain, the pain, the dream.

Mon Apr 15 23:45:57 2002 from

I saw in Sarajevo craters in the walls of houses and in the streets. Many times these craters were filled with red paint. The surrounding indentations which rippled away from these craters were also filled with red paint. It was a clear message from an unknown artist that a life had been lost, here, on this spot where I was standing. Each time I stood over or stopped before one of these craters, I felt the sacredness of that life and the suddeness of its extinction. And I felt the blasting brutality of that moment...the irretrievable shock of the end of a human life's potential to live.

Tue Apr 16 12:05:18 2002 from
Sayaka Nakamura

I am from Japan, where had an experience of two nuclear bombs. Actually, I did not know about the war in Sarajevo in 1990's, but it is just so sad that the wars still have happeened in the world. My grand parents already passed away, and I am getting to forget about their experiences during the war that they told me. It is a good project to remind me about it. As long as people fight each other, we will have the war. However, I think I should keep trying to learn from the mistakes that my grand parents' generation did. I appreciate you share the experience of the war in Srajevo in this web site. Fighting back makes the same thing happenes.

Tue Apr 16 12:41:56 2002 from
Yaron Talmor

I was impressed by your website and decided to send you a photo of an image of a building I was working on. I transformed this building into something beautiful. I hope this building will inspire architects to think more creativley about their projects and that this will start a new trend.

Thu Apr 18 15:16:22 2002 from
Wendy Newton

In Russian promaha is skvoznyak. When I lived in Russia, I was always getting in trouble for creating them. I often had the feeling that I was stirring up just a little too much for the more cautious and intuitive Russian soul. I think your site is creative, thoughtful, and visually interesting. All of us at the Trust for Mutual Understanding think you've done a beautiful job with it. Wendy Newton

Sat Apr 20 01:26:47 2002 from
Tamara La�

think positive!

Mon Apr 22 14:43:12 2002 from

I spent a good part of a quiet Sunday afternoon making my way around The House of Drafts. I don't think I understood very much, but every once in a while I would have a glimmer of comprehension, and that made me feel a sense of accomplishment. The photos are quite beautiful and always provacative. I could think about them in ways that were aesthetically pleasing and also seemed satisfying to me. With the text, I usually felt as if it was written in English, but somehow it was an English that I had not learned. I still have an urge for something linear..and everytime I understood a bit (eg. the guy who took photos in Sarejevo and said it was Bangkok) I felt as if I had met an old friend.

Thu May 2 10:29:19 2002 from
Barbara Hammer

Here is a still from my slavic background, from a videotape I made looking for my ancesotrs in Ukraine: My Babushka: Searching Ukrainian Identities. My grandmother's house that I found in an unpaved village outside of Ternopil, Ukraine, looked not unlike The Ghost House. My grandmother's ghost is your grandmother's ghost. Fly away, fly away, fly away HOME. Barbara Hammer

Thu May 9 04:53:46 2002 from

Sat May 11 02:39:34 2002 from
Domenico Olivero

Compliment for your art project, it is very intersting!!! I hope your project is a message for hope and love!!! bye Domenico

Fri May 24 17:16:29 2002 from
Joasia Raczynska

In August of 2001 I searched Warsaw for the few pre-War buildings left standing -- those not completely destroyed by the Germans or those simply left to rot by the Soviets. There is a great deal of slow destruction by neglect in Poland. I did not find many buildings intact; only tiled walls, facades, staircases that went nowhere. Among the ubiquitous grey concrete of Soviet architecture, there was one building that affected me. It had this archetypal Polish soldier of stone pressing out of its walls. This man of concrete, the designer's new man of a new Poland, seemed to have had the building poured and set around him.

Sat Jun 8 04:51:20 2002 from
Ferida Durakovic

MORNING GLORY, SARAJEVO This town, catching up to us, clasping us in its arms, and around our necks - we watch it from above. We are momentary Caesars, breathing in its breath: human bodies; devine blossoms; murmuring stations; the calm of the Japanese cherry in the State Museum Garden, and those who were dear to us and nested in our bosoms... One of us waves his hand toward the ruined tower high above in the air as if giving a permission for it to be bilt anew, and says: STILL, THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE TOWN. Let us go, then, down. The face of History ought to be watched with more modesty. Only thus shell we be reflected in ourselves: How big were we amidst poverty and spelndor? Neither poor nor splendid, but so-so that -- God forbid -- neither befalls us. Each of us tore off for himself what the haughtier and the greater had conquered, with a simple and sublime account: addition, multiplication, division, subtraction... Let us go, then -- we, the masters of the air tower; let us go down to the town, quiet and hurt by everything. Let us glide down the street's palm like raindrops, so our dreams do not come true -- they are all the same: addition, multiplication, division, subtraction... Ferida Durakovic

Thu Jun 13 12:12:07 2002 from

"what i say is art is art, what i do is art is art... in bali, there is no word for art, we just do everything well"

Tue Aug 13 17:44:25 2002 from
Wendy Levy

Your house of drafts was a perfect and needed metaphor for my father's recent death...the photographs mark a perfect stillness, reminding me of him, the open windows, the notion of the cross draft, resulting in something ominous and fluid. My family has been searching for remnants of our past in Romania and Poland; this house feels like a container for memories and dreams we collectively hold. Thanks -- Wendy

Thu Oct 24 16:55:21 2002 from

WE must come out of our ways to meet in a place of peace.......

Tue Dec 3 03:34:25 2002 from
Nancy Macko

Dom promaha reminds me a great deal of my travels in Romania in 1996. My partner, Jan Blair, and I tried to create a sense of our experience there in a website entitled Glimpsing Romania at the above URL. Enjoy!

Tue Dec 3 12:19:59 2002 from

I am a young African American woman. I am a student. I have many aspirations for my future. I have many fears. I often feel alone in the world, yet I have no solitude. I often feel alone even when I'm surrounded by many. I have no peace. This busy world is echoing loud in my ears. I feel frustration. I feel anger. I feel sadness. I feel lonely. But I have a lot of love in my heart. I desire to feel loved. I desire to be loved. I desire to offer love. I desire to see more love in the world.

Wed Dec 11 12:16:26 2002 from

Bosnia is like a second homeland for me. I went first in 1998, and again in 2000 and 2001 to see my fiance. Even the first time I had a feeling like being at home. I did not understand this. Only recently I learned that I have some Bosnian ancestry. This was not known to me and was something I found out accidentally researching my family. I guess there was a good reason to feel at home, in a small way I was at home. My best memory of Sarajevo is a walk my fiance took me on. He took me to see the Vreo Bosna.It was a very cold day. We walked a long time to get there. There were swans there. Huge beautiful white swans. They landed in the water and we watched them a bit. He asked me "How do you know the man swan from the lady swan" "That is easy moj dragi, he kissed her first" He threw his arms around me and said "Like this?" and kissed me until I felt faint. There is a small cafe there and we went in and had tea and a bit of rum. There were four nuns studying the Bible over cups of tea at the next table. We walked back. I remember noticing a bullet hole in the bridge.

Sun Jan 12 15:53:09 2003 from
Aurielle Branca

I think about what the future will be like. I wonder if there will be diffrent food.

Tue Feb 4 11:52:51 2003 from

Even I am here by chance i have to say that I am very excited about the website. For a long time I haven't felt excitment like this i feel now for the works of Adla and Lara. These cold days, the connection of your artistic expressions make my heart burning, because your ideas are the mirror of my soul. All my best wishes to Adla and Lara and I hope to see more new works on the website. Ivica Pjanic

Sun Mar 2 20:25:48 2003 from
Leila Simic

I am American of Serbian decent... I am against ALL violence except in self defence, I am not prejudice, I am sypathatic for Serbian Orthodox, Muslims, Albanians, Croatians.... And I was curious about your web site. I read where you wrote of Serbs destroying a library in Sarajevo; I just wish someone would also mention ALL the MONASTERIES that were HUNDREDS of years old that the Albanian Muslims DESTROYED in Kosovo!( I also find Mosques to be very beautiful.) I am ALWAYS sorry when historical places of great importance of ALL nationalities are destroyed!! May you & all of Mother Earth go forward in Peace.

Thu Apr 21 19:01:36 2005 from
Steve Killen

The site made me think about the fact that I have never lived in or even been to an area that was ravaged by war, much less rebuilding afterwards. I hope never to have to, but thank you for making me consider the world very differently than I'm used to doing.