There is a very sensitive instrument that is used in the field. Each time you drive this tool into the earth you have a certain feeling of tactility. You are very sure if you find glass, which is very slick. You start to get a sense for the materials in the ground. Actually, you think about the mines, and then you don't think at all. The best feeling for me is if I know I sold enough excavated earth during my "sale" performances. Then I enter another part of myself. I'm then totally happy as I count each German Mark, and I think how many square meters we will be able to clean with this money.
(As a performance, Alma sells the earth from the mine fields. She offers symbolic certificates for each piece of land she sells to different customers. These performances are held in public markets in different cities. She then uses this money to help pay for the cleaning of the fields.)
Translated by Danica Dakic
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